**We also Service & Repair Light Diesel Engines found in some European Model Vehicles.

-Check Engine Lights-

-ABS Lights-

-Air Bag Lights (SRS)-

-Traction Control Lights-

-Engine Running Rough-

-Coolant leaking-

-Lack Of Power-

-Transmission Slipping-

-Rough Engagement-

-Clutch Slipping-

-Noise Concerns (Clunks,squeaks, Scrapping)-

-Brakes Locking Up-

-A/C Blows Warm-

-Inoperative Electrical Components-

-ABS Units-

-ABS Sensors-

-Combination Valves-

-Brake Pads & Rotors-

-Brake Calipers-

-Brake lines-




-Clutch Master Cylinders/Slaves-


-Rear Differentials-

-Driver Shafts-

-Shifter Mechanisms-

-Limited Slip Differentials-

-Torque Converters-

-Flex Plates-

-Valve Bodies-

-Half Shafts -

-Transmission Coolers-

-A/c Compressors-



-Evaporator Cores-

-A/C Lines-

-Thermal Expansion Valves-

-Orifice Tubes-



-Wiring Harnesses/ Wiring Looms-

-Body Electrical Components-

-Air Bag Systems-

-Window Motors & Regulators-

-Head gaskets-

-Cylinder Heads-

-Valve train-

-Timing Belts/Chains-



-Long Blocks-

-Serpentine Belts-

-MAP Sensors-

-MAF Sensors-

-O2 Sensors-


-Spark Plugs-

-Ignition Coils-

-Water Pumps-


-Engine Control Modules-

-Fuel Pumps-



-Sway bar bushings and links-

-Ball Joints-

-Upper/Lower Control Arm-


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