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The Benefits of Electrical and Electronic Systems

  • Electrical and Electronic Systems are responsible for routing power and information in order to dictate the behavior of certain systems

  • Electrical systems are linked by wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and relays

  • Loose or broken wiring, poor pin fits, and broken connectors or switches may lead to intermittent power or a completely inoperative system

  • How often does this problem occur?

  • How long does the problem persist?

If your vehicle experiences an electrical or electronic systems failure, it is beneficial to have the problem repaired quickly. A vehicle with electrical problems may not start, or it may become inoperative. Our experts are able to diagnose and repair problems during an electrical and electronic systems service. We can locate shorts, grounds, open, and resistance problems in electrical and electronic circuits, and we can repair wiring harnesses and connectors along with electrical wiring and solder repair. Our staff is also able to diagnose the cause of uneven headlight brightness, intermittent lights, dim lights, and inoperative lights. In addition, we can service headlights and bulbs as well as correct intermittent turning signal and hazard light operation. Motor-driven accessory circuits, heated glass operation, and electric lock operation are all concerns for our staff as we begin to diagnose the electrical and electronic issue. In the end, our staff will work hard to get you driving a safe and functional vehicle again.


Do I need a Dashboard Warning Diagnostic Service?

  • Dashboard warning lights, or indicator lights, appear in the instrument cluster

  • Symbols are universal or very similar in appearance across different makes and models

  • Modern Vehicles, dashboard warnings are color-coded

  • Yellow, orange, and red generally tell you to seek service shortly

  • If the text or symbol flashes, seek service immediately

  • Green and Blue alerts also exist to inform you something is in operation

Drivers who heed dashboard warnings may save money in the long run and ultimately help ensure their own safety. When a warning light on your dashboard alerts you to one or more problems, bring your vehicle in for a dashboard warning diagnostic. Equipped with the right tools, our friendly staff will inspect your dashboard indicator lights and use special equipment to verify and help fix automotive issues. From underinflated and overinflated tires to low oil levels and faulty lighting systems, our employees are ready to use our diagnostic testing tools to read and interpret the messages from your vehicle's dashboard warning system. In the event that your dashboard warning system is malfunctioning and sending out a false warning, our expert staff can also be of service.


Do I need to Replace my Headlight Bulb?

  • Headlight bulbs provide visibility for drivers and alert both pedestrians and other motorists to a vehicles presence

  • Bulbs are primarily composed of glass, a low pressure inert gas, a filament, and wires

  • Using the Electricity provided by the vehicles charging system, bulbs produce strong, steady light

  • A motorist can alter the bulb's level of brightness to a low or high beam setting

  • When bulbs produce light at high beam setting they can also cause glare

  • All headlights will require replacement as their filaments fail from use over time

When your lights no longer illuminate the road as brightly as they once did, it might be time to visit us so our service staff can replace your headlight bulbs. When one or more of your bulbs burn out, allow us to help. We’ll work with you to find the correct replacement bulb for your vehicle’s particular make and model. Our knowledgeable employees will ensure that your new headlights provide you with the proper visibility while causing little to no interference to other motorists. We understand it is important for you to have trustworthy, functioning headlight bulbs equipped on your vehicle, and we would like the opportunity to help you find and install suitable replacements. Just contact us online or give us a call the next time your headlight bulbs begin to dim.


Do I need my Interior & Exterior Lighting Repaired?

  • Glove Box

  • Mirror

  • Gauge Panel

  • Overhead Console Lights

  • Headlights

  • License Plate lights

  • Turning signal or "blinker" Lights

  • During nighttime operation, interior and exterior lights are Important

  • Headlights and cabin lights can illuminate the surrounding area, reducing risk of injury from tripping or stumbling

  • Vehicle Lights can alert other motorists to the vehicles presence

  • Lights are also very convenient, from dome lights and fog lights to headlights and tail lights

Interior and exterior lights are a standard feature on vehicles today because of their convenience and functionality. If any of your vehicle’s lights are refusing to work correctly or are completely inoperable, we invite you to bring your vehicle in for our interior and exterior lighting repair service. Whether you are experiencing overly bright lights, dim lights, intermittent lights, or inoperable lights, we can help. Because there are many different types of lights, our procedures will vary depending upon what light you need repaired. Give us a call or contact us online if you have any questions about your lighting systems and basic maintenance. We are happy to help you and look forward to getting you back on the road again with functioning lights.


Do I need to have my Power Locks Repaired?

  • Introduced in 1914

  • Power door locks have increased convenience and safety for drivers and passengers

  • Doors equipped with power locks may respond to multiple control methods

  • Remote Key Fobs lock and unlock all doors at once

  • The central locking system can often be switched on or off from buttons located in the front of the vehicle near the driver and passenger

  • Also provides safety, allowing drivers and passengers to quickly secure themselves inside the vehicle

If your power door locks are malfunctioning, please bring your vehicle in as soon as possible so our service staff can repair your power locks. Our staff understands an unsecured car or truck can be dangerous or prone to theft or vandalism. Faulty locks provide thieves with opportunity and increase the likelihood of injury in the unfortunate event of an accident. Fortunately, our staff is equipped with the right tools for repairing a central locking system. We’ll look over the relay system that activates the power locks and repair or replace the faulty components for you. Before or during our service, we invite you to ask any questions you may have about your vehicle locks or any of our procedures. We are happy to advise you and work with you to get your power door locks working again.


Do I need my Sunroof Repaired?

  • Sunroof is a horizontal panel, usually made of glass located on vehicles roof

  • Allows air into a vehicle on hot days

  • Provides a view of the sky

  • Power Sunroofs often move both vertically and horizontally

  • a Sunroof may be controlled manually or automatically

  • Electronically powered sunroofs often need only press or hold a button to open and close them

  • Some power sunroofs also operate from the turn of a key or the press of a button on the key fob

  • Power Sunroofs can become inoperable or leak over time

If your vehicle’s power sunroof is causing you stress, take advantage of our power sunroof repair service. From inoperable and leaky panels to dirty and broken seals, we are equipped with the right tools to service your sunroof. We will look over the water trough, wiring, and other components that contribute to the efficiency of your sunroof. After identifying the problem, we will go to work repairing your power sunroof so it will function correctly again. If you have any questions before we begin the repair process or while we are working, please ask. Our staff is knowledgeable about the different components that make up power sunroofs, and we are ready to put that knowledge to use.


Do I need to have my Power Window Repaired?

  • Introduced in 1940

  • Power windows are controlled with the simple push of a button or flip of a switch

  • Power windows rely on electricity to work, most are inoperable once a vehicle stops running

  • Some Power windows feature a time delay that allows a short amount of time after the engine stops

  • Most Vehicles offer a safety lock that can be used to prevent other passengers, such as small children, from erroneously opening or closing the windows

  • Power windows are a convenient feature on most modern vehicles

If your power windows are acting strange or are no longer responding correctly to their controls, call us for our power window repair service. In addition to letting air into your vehicle on a hot day, power windows are convenient if driving through a toll booth or drive-thru. We know the different components that make a power window system work, and we have the right tools to repair the window lift motor, gears, regulator, and other components of the power window system. We’ll work to get your windows working right again. When your windows start acting strange, don’t wait. Let our friendly staff fix your faulty power windows and get you back on the road in comfort again.

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