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The Neue Auto Story

The Love Of Cars and People created Neue Auto.

Written by Nick G.


When the subject of Automotive Repair is brought up, several things come to mind - one would
the love of Cars and the fascination of Vehicles with 4 wheels. On the other hand is the stigma that looms over the automotive industry, the stigma of shady repairs, poor quality, a careless diagnosis, customers being treated unfairly and taken advantage up financially. Truthfully; the Automotive Industry is filled with all of what is mentioned above. Fortunately, we at Neue Auto want to change the narrative, change the industry standard when it comes to customer satisfaction, and quality work - we want everyone to feel that sense of trust and care, knowing that your vehicle is in the best hands, because We Simply, Just Care.

I am Nick Gerard, Owner of Neue Auto.With decades under my belt in the Automotive Industry, you see a lot of situations, some that can be easily corrected and some that take a little more skill & effort than your average scenario. As an Automotive Technician, it is understood that when a vehicle comes in, it is the technicians responsibility to unequivocally make certain the vehicle is operating like brand new, We Solve Problems. Let's imagine a Doctor telling you to take this prescribed medicine and then when it doesn't work - he shrugs. Well, that doesn't illuminate confidence with the patient or practice, which is why doctors go through an extensive process to guarantee the absolute best result.  Now, the same approach goes for a vehicle and technician, when your vehicle is serviced or repaired it's not just to go through the motions with generic solutions, it's to solve very specific concerns and do what only needs to get done.


For me, after seeing how certain shops operate throughout the years, there were many things that I liked and disliked. One thing I learned along the way was to provide as much value to the customer as possible. Not every Technician I've come across believed in those same beliefs, some were just there for a paycheck. This type of environment made it hard for me to be proud of a shop that couldn't honestly say “Does great work”. For the customer and love of automobiles, I want to create a better environment, a Neue Solution.


Over the years, I've always wondered “If I were to create an Auto Repair Shop that could disrupt the status quo and stigma that haunts the Automotive Industry, how would I do it? What would it take?”. Knowledge and Skill is certainly needed, but the customers experience is what is most important. From the moment a customer inquires services with Neue Auto, to the moment they pick up their vehicle, is our recipe for an excellent auto repair experience.  As we work diligently to put the care back into auto care, that "we treat you like family" experience that we live by, hopefully gives you the comforting feeling that “We Care”.


At Neue Auto, We don't just offer a service, we offer an experience backed by Knowledge and Skill. The Stigma of the Automotive Repair industry still looms but we're going to change that, one car at a time.

See you soon.

Meet The Team that CARES

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" Every vehicle that comes into the shop gets treated as my own, and every customer gets treated like family. "

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" I wake up with excitement, knowing that one day we will impact the Automotive Industry with the Neue Standard."

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" I love to know I have a part in every customers experience, I love to make customers happy"

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" I go above and beyond, to take care of our customers. I treat every car like I'd hope another tech would treat mine.

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" Being observant, and having acute attention to detail to perform services beyond required, gives me great satisfaction."

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" Working on automobiles is my passion, it is my love. I take pride in knowing that what I fixed will keep a family safe while driving.

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" Everyday is a Neue day, and I know I am one answer away from helping someone experience the Neue Standard."

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" I'm a car enthusiast and love to share my passion with customers."